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Sometimes it all seems so hopeless. You can feed a hungry child, yet millions more remain hungry. For every good deed you do, so many evil deeds are committed . . .
The importance of the individual in Judaism
From the series: Sparks of Things to Come
If you or I would design a world, I guarantee we wouldn’t do it this way. We would have one center and spread things out from there. Not so when you're dealing with an infinite consciousness.
Words of our sages concerning respect for all creations
They passed by a carcass rotting by the side of the road and one of the men exclaimed, “What a stench this carcass makes!” Upon which the pious man commented, “It has fine white teeth.” Meaning, “Why are you speaking of its ugliness? Contemplate that ther...
And how to bolster marriage
If we forgo our independence in favor of love, we grow resentful of those we love. If we jealously guard our independence, we risk alienating the ones we love. There must be a happy medium that enables us to retain our independence and our love...
I was raised with the idea that needing others meant you were weak. So I learned how to be strongly independent, fiercely guarding and fighting for what I needed and wanted in life. And then I met my husband . . .
Days at the Beach
This type of parenting requires walking a tightrope. It requires perfect self-control and vigilance against the small slips of anger and impatience that accompany even the best parenting. It requires abundant giving with delayed returns . . .
In the eyes of G-d, counting Jews is far more than keeping score; it is, rather, His way of telling each and every one of His children: “You matter to Me. You’re not just a number. You’re on My speed-dial.”
Disappointedly, the world we hoped for is not the world which I gift to you. What I can give you is a faith that there is a purpose to it all, a desire to strive for it, and a confidence that we will achieve it
The Political Controversy Surrounding the Haiti Relief Efforts
Countries are up in arms—over what? Over the right to come to the aid of a poor and helpless nation that is of absolutely no strategic interest to anyone!
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