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Rabbi Manis Friedman discusses how 2,000 years of being discriminated against has affected our self-awareness as Jews. How do we heal? How do we stand up, not in spite of our Jewishness, but because of it? What does it mean to be "Jewishly Proud"?
3 Tevet, 5750 • December 31, 1989
The Hadassah Women’s Organization carries the name of Queen Esther. She is an example of a truly proud Jewish woman – who is not afraid to show her Jewish pride, and who lives her everyday life in the same way.
Vacationing at sea, a successful Jewish businessman was diligent to recite his daily prayers and inquired of the captain which direction was eastward. The captain asked, “Why your sudden interest in the boat’s navigation?” The businessman explained that o...
Address to Chabad on Campus UK by Michael Levy
Lord Levy shares personal anecdotes of his commitment to donning tefillin in such challenging locations as Damascus and Saudi Arabia and of his bringing kosher food to a Shabbat dinner at No. 10 Downing Street.
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