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Neshamah Kelalit; Nasi HaDor

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Neshamah Kelalit; Nasi HaDor: the comprehensive soul of a Rebbe, which is bonded with the souls of all the Jews of his generation
The king is like the heart of the Jewish people, because all of Israel is dependent on the king.
A Model for "Spiritual Leadership"
An introduction to the classic kabbalistic concept that there is an "extension of the spirit of Moses" in each generation and how this idea has come to be applied to the Rebbe-Chassid relationship in modern times.
“Is it not enough for the righteous what is prepared for them in the World to Come,” the Midrash declares, “that they also ask for a tranquil life in this world?” But why not? Does G‑d have a limited quantity of tranquility to mete out?
In the wee hours of a sleepless night, Eli thought of the Rebbe.
Like the human body, a nation comprises of a “head” which guides their direction and “feet” to do the lifting and lead them towards it. The Zohar teaches that in every generation there’s an individual, who like Moses, serves as the head of the Jewish nati...
The word nasi means to lift up, and a nasi, a Jewish leader, needs to elevate every single Jew, both spiritually and physically.
The Twelfth and Thirteenth of Tammuz marks the release of Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak Scheersohn, the sixth Lubavitcher Rebbe, from Soviet imprisonment. His self-sacrifice on behalf of Jews of all stripes serves as a testament to the true nature of leadership.
And Joseph fell on his brother Benjamin's neck and wept, and Benjamin wept on his neck.
Profound analysis of the redeemer’s name and persona
Delving into the scriptural origin and deeper meaning of the official name of our long awaited Jewish savior, “Moshiach”, serves to set into motion a surprising journey of redemptive discovery. Based on a wide range of source material, by better understan...
Rabbi Yitzchak Kogan serves as the director of the Bronnaya Synagogue in Moscow. He is a former refusenik and leading figure in the Soviet Jewish underground. Although he later had numerous encounters with the Rebbe, as a young child, all he knew was what...
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