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Michoel Muchnik is a foremost Jewish artist living in Brooklyn, New York. In the early 1970s, he was a student at the Rabbinical College of America, in Morristown, New Jersey, when he had an audience with the Rebbe.
Artist Michoel Muchnik
Surrounded by original paintings and bas-relief mosaics, long-white-bearded Michoel Muchnik was working on a 3D mosaic of Shabbat and holiday candlesticks when I arrived at his Brooklyn studio.
No person is “broken” or ready to be discarded. Each of us is valuable, and has a valuable contribution to make to our world.
Yossi Rosenstein is an artist living in Bnei Brak, Israel. In the late 1970s he travelled to New York for an exhibition of his work. It was a most interesting sequence of events that led him to arrange a meeting with the Rebbe. The Rebbe discussed the imp...
You once drew a painting of me; may G-d help you make more pictures of healthy and happy things. Draw a painting depicting the arrival of Moshiach. Don’t fear that it will be a big picture; you are a Jew, and a Jew can accomplish anything. (Collage)
An incredible story at the Friendship Circle’s art studio
Born with cerebral palsy and confined to a wheelchair, Felicia Bowers has limited control over her body. She cannot speak and rather uses a retina-controlled device called Tobii to communicate. But the 27 year old from West Bloomfield is drawing incredibl...
Baruch Nachshon is a famed artist from Chevron, Israel. In 1979, he brought some of his art with him when he came to visit the Rebbe. After suggesting to him to make an art exhibit, the Rebbe came and gave comments which were subtle, yet very profound. (1...
Reflections on Beauty
A film by Tzohar Seminary student Chavie Resnick exploring themes of Chassidus, art and identity.
Mr. Rafael Nouril is an acclaimed Jewish artist. The Rebbe encouraged him on numerous occasions to spread Judaism through his art.
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