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Conversion (to Judaism); Convert

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In the early 1970s, upon the Rebbe’s instruction, Rabbi Laibl Wolf worked as Hillel Rabbi at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. After encountering many non-Jewish students who were curious about Judaism and wished to convert, he approached the Rebbe for...
Why are converts so beloved to Hashem?
Contemporary Halachah and Shulchan Aruch
Conversion in Judaism
Understanding the process of Jewish conversion on five levels.
Parshat Mishpatim
How does a convert finish the conversion process? In the times when the Holy Temple stood, it was necessary to bring a sacrificial offering. What do we do now, after the Temple was destroyed? We look closely at the opinion of Maimonides that a convert req...
Once an evangelical pastor, Yaakov Parisi shares the fascinating story of his lifelong journey to becoming Jewish. Recorded at Chabad of Oxford University.
Rabbi Herbert Bomzer
“As a Jewish convert, you are especially beloved by G-d — even more so than myself or the rabbi that converted you!” “May your conversion be a good start for a new life, and go from strength to strength.”
Parshah Curiosities: Mishpatim
The wide range of mitzvot found in Parshat Mishpatim includes an admonition to treat foreigners preferentially, for “you yourself were foreigners in Egypt.” But why should personal refugee history be the reason to treat a stranger appropriately? Shouldn’t...
Megillat Rut in Depth, Part 6
Collective Jewish identity cultivated through prayer
May a Jewish convert of non-Jewish ancestry truthfully refer to G-d as “the G-d of our forefathers, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob?” Maimonides unequivocally ruled affirmatively, arguing that Abraham is truly the spiritual father of all Jews, and allowing conve...
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