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Empathy; Sensitivity

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Return: Five Paths for Getting Closer to G-d - Lesson 3
Letting go of selfish and worldly attachments to become sensitive to the needs of the Beloved.
Are you encountering “frosty conditions” or “icy patches” in your relationship with your spouse or children?
How a burn on my finger taught me about points of sensitivity in our lives.
The chassidic masters see a simple needle as a metaphor for our lives--and a means of finding guidance of how and when to be strong or soft.
Rachel's Lesson in Life and in Death
Do people sometimes make you SO mad? But maybe there is another perspective...
Don’t we all fall? And don’t we yearn for an empathetic embrace, a hug or a word of encouragement?
How do you feel when you get stuck behind a teacher training car?
Soul Boost for Parshat Shemot
Something Spiritual on Parshat Noach
A nation that can mourn together is a nation that can celebrate together. A lesson from Noah’s family life in the Ark.
Mrs. Dena Horn, who lost her father at a young age, recalls the special attention the Rebbe showed her family when they moved to the neighborhood. (1950s)
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