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Freedom; Independence

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How often have you said to yourself, "Get me out of here!"? But you didn't know just how to free yourself...
The secrets of the universe are revealed in the act of teaching a four year old to ride a bicycle as Rabbi Infinity demonstrates in real life the wisdom he taught us in "Secret of the Bagel."
12 Tammuz 5745 • July 1, 1985
The Stalinist regime that imprisoned my father-in-law, the Rebbe, in 1927, was then a superpower. Despite that, he defied his oppressors. He did not budge an inch in anything that jeopardized his principles. Even at the train station, about to be exiled, ...
A special Passover class that illuminates the inner freedom we experience in commemorating the Exodus on the Seder night. Learn practical tools to experience real freedom every day of your life.
On Passover we celebrate the Exodus from Egypt (Mitzrayim)—the holiday of our freedom. What is the meaning and relevance of this freedom for us today?
Somebody can put you in prison, but nobody can make you imprisoned.
Exodus opens with re-narrating the details of the descent into Egypt that's already been copiously documented. This seeming redundancy serves as our initial point of departure. Following fairly simplistic elucidation, we swiftly move into esoteric metapho...
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