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Edot, Chukim & Mishpatim

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Chukim (8)
Our parshah opens with a listing of moral and civil laws. It really seems odd that the awesome revelation on Mt. Sinai should be followed by laws that any just nation would follow.
In order to get some intimation of the Infinite One Who is beyond all conception, the mind naturally fills in what is inconceivable with ideas that are logical and comprehensible. A still deeper appreciation of Infinity thus requires a certain hollowing o...
Learning Likutei Sichos vol. 18, Chukas
How the Parah Adumah is a template for the super-rational nature of Judaism.
Learning Likutei Sichos vol. 16, Parsha Mishpatim
The Red Heifer is the single most incomprehensible commandment in the Torah. By the same token, it most accurately represents the most incomprehensible part of the soul.
Growing Weekly: Parshat Chukat
Something Spiritual on Parshat Chukat
Are all instructions logical?
Life Lessons from Parshat Mishpatim
The portion of Mishpatim contains many mitzvahs and details related to civil law. The first law, which is about the Jewish servant, conveys a profound teaching in attaining true freedom.
The Torah instructs us to observe mitzvot that transcend our comprehension; what’s the meaning behind these irrational laws?
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