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Rebellion; Revolution

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As early as 1963, the Rebbe offered this analysis of the “return to roots” movement and proposed a plan of action.
In the course of the First World War, the huge Russian Empire succumbed to Communist rule; a generation later, half of Europe was consumed, and enslaved behind a curtain of iron. For the next half-century, people lived in a world hegemonized by two Superp...
The early Sixties saw the emergence of what was subsequently termed the “youth culture.” In increasing numbers, the younger generation were growing distrustful of their elders and rejecting the values and way of life into which they had been raised. Paren...
The human psyche is home to two contrasting drives: a striving for freedom, and an impulse to submit to authority. Which should be given priority over the other? Or, to otherwise state the question: in what sort of environment would the Torah prefer to se...
There were never any followers of the Rebbe -- followers couldn't keep up. The Rebbe had only leaders, those who rebelled with him
G‑d was looking for someone to lead His people. We know he chose Moses. The question is, why?
The Isolationist Jew, the Submissive Jew, the Fighting Jew, the Spiritualist Jew—and the Moving Jew
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