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Sarah’s Courage: Lesson 8
“And the years of Sarah were one hundred and twenty and seven.” What is it about youth that makes us yearn to be young again?
The rebellion in youth is not a crime. It’s the fire of the soul that refuses to conform, and cries out that it wants to change the world. Power the youthful flame with focus and meaning, and move worlds.
Here are all the things I want to tell her, and to tell all those teenage girls out there . . . all the things I wished someone told me . . .
“You love all your children just as much as you love me . . . so that can’t be possible. But I only have one mommy. And I love no one just as much,” I reasoned...
An honest look at overcoming the unique challenges of today's youth
Rabbi Chay Amar takes an honest look at overcoming the unique challenges of today's youth, particularly on college campuses.
My name is Batsheva Goldberg and I am a founder, co-owner, employee, and advertising strategist for my family's company, 4 Sisters Soaps. I'm also twelve years old...
Four years ago, the school decided to organize a girls' basketball team, and name it after their unorthodox uniforms...They call themselves the BCA Skirts. BCA – for Beth Chana Academy, a private Orthodox Jewish school in Orange, Connecticut. And Skirts f...
Reflections on today’s youth and the necessity to tell it like it is.
A basic analysis of education; providing more than just knowledge to bolster intelligence, but also moral strength to build character.
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