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Refugee, The

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Jewish Refugees from Arab Countries
The rapid disappearance of ancient Jewish communities throughout the Middle East that has occurred in modern times.
The First World War sent floods of refugees streaming into the interior of Russia. Many arrived in Yekatrinoslav, where, in addition to severe shortages of food, shelter and other basic necessities, they had to contend with the hostility of the local auth...
On June 14, 1940, the armies of Nazi Germany conquered Paris. A French General offered the Rebbe a residence in the countryside; but the Rebbe, comprehending the true significance of the Nazi occupation, declined the offer and fled Paris on one of the las...
The good that is brought out when a person is put in an alien environment
Before we could call America our new home, we lived as stateless refugees in two camps in Austria and Italy.
The untold story of Chabad’s efforts to save eighteen hundred Jewish children during the height of the Islamic revolution in Iran.
Jewish refugees from Nazi Europe and their impact on British scholarship
Members of the Chabad Center of Metairie met with Gaza Strip evacuees to discuss their shared experiences in being uprooted from their homes, the one group because of a hurricane, the other because of security policy.
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