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R. Menachem Mendel of Lubavitch (Tzemach Tzedek)

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R. Menachem Mendel of Lubavitch (Tzemach Tzedek): third leader of Chabad-Lubavitch; (1789-1866); son-in-law and successor of R. Dovber of Lubavitch; known by the title of the collection of responsa which he authored, "Tzemach Tzedek"
A firsthand glimpse of the literary yield of the Tzemach Tzedek, the third Chabad Rebbe
It smells of old books in the third-floor hall of the Central Chabad-Lubavitch Library in Brooklyn, N.Y., where an exhibit of rare manuscripts, portraits and artifacts from the life of Rabbi Menachem Mendel of Lubavitch (5549/1789-5626/1866) opened in mid...
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