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Judaism's Real-World Utopia
The idea of Moshiach (Messiah) and the Messianic Redemption is one of the pillars of Jewish faith. Yet the topic is often fraught with misconceptions. Some are even surprised to learn that Moshiach is a Jewish concept.
The World Is Your Garden
Eden was the very beginning, the blueprint for how human existence in its perfect state was meant to be – and exposed the shortcomings that brought about the imperfect world we live in today. Every detail, every nuance, contains a fountain of information ...
4 Keys to Emotional Intelligence
Are you ready to retrain your mind to think healthy thoughts? Some thought patterns are so pervasive and so ingrained in our minds that we aren’t even conscious of them. When these thought patterns are self-destructive and disempowering, they breed toxic ...
A New Online Course on Freedom of Choice
Do we have freedom of choice, or is it merely an illusion? Belief in an omnipotent higher power would suggest that everything is predetermined. But how does that explain the human experience, in which our ability to make choices is a given? And how does i...
The on-point, off-beat course on the transmission of Torah
Scroll Down is designed to initiate auditors into a first acquaintance with the Torah and with Jewish history and ideas. The video lessons are presented at an introductory level of Jewish Studies at college.
Explore the rich traditions and customs of the Passover Seder
The Seder is the most celebrated part of the Passover holiday. But let’s be honest: Do you sometimes feel confused and somewhat bored by the Seder’s parade of rituals and words? If yes, this four-part course is for you. Join Rabbi Moshe Steiner as the anc...
A New Course from Jewish.tv on the True Nature of the Unity of G-d
Are we a contradiction to G-d's omnipresence? Can our world and G-d coesxit?
Engage the past. Enrich the present.
A Taste of Talmud will give you a glimpse into the methods and workings of the Talmud. Classic Talmudic topics will be learned in the traditional yeshivah style. You will also gain familiarity with the “hardware” of the Talmud page.
A comprehensive course on giving and getting forgiveness.
This forgiveness course focuses on the study of interpersonal relationships. But some of what we learn is equally relevant to our divine relationship. Learners completing this course, will have a thorough and fundamental understanding of the mechanics and...