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Tzaddik, Rasha & Beinoni

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Tzaddik, Rasha & Beinoni: (Lit.: "righteous," "intermediate" and "wicked"). These terms are used in the Talmud and the rabbinic writings to describe various levels of righteousness, piety and spiritual attainment. In his Tanya, Rabbi Schneur Zalman of Liadi defines the rasha as one who succumbs to his animal self, the benoni as one who struggles with it, and the tzaddik as one who sublimates it and transforms it.
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Tzaddik (40)
A Journey Through Tanya, Lesson 4
We are introduced to a novel definition of the levels of tzaddik and rasha in Tanya, which is worlds apart and far more complex than simply describing someone as either righteous or wicked. (covering chapters 9-11)
G-d is not found in what is, but in what is becoming, in what is being done...
A Journey Through Tanya, Lesson 5
Now we reach a central point in Tanya, where we address in practical terms how to attain full control of our behavior. Can the Beinuni only master the external, or can he change internally too? (covering chapters 12-17)
Our Struggle is G-d's Pleasure
G-d is not displeased with those who struggle to do the right thing. To the contrary, it causes G-d great pleasure to see us striving to overcome our lower nature.
If life is how you cook it, then what dish are you? A delightful cream pie? Or a walking, smoking barbecue? Personally, there’s only so much cream pie I can take.
Parshah Nuggets: Vayishlach
After wrestling all night with an angel, Jacob is renamed “Israel,” which means “to strive.”
11 Iyar, 5748 · April 28, 1988
Tanya opens with a Talmudic passage: “Every Jew, before he is born, is administered an oath: ‘Be righteous, and be not wicked’” -- if it is not possible for you to achieve the level of the righteous, at least do not be wicked; be a ‘Beinoni - intermediate...
The "Average" Jew, Lesson 4
In the last lesson in this series, we talk about what it means to be a spiritual warrior in the 21st century. How do we integrate the lessons of the Tanya into our daily lives, and what do those actions teach us about deeper, eternal truths? Tune in to fi...
The "Average" Jew, Lesson 3
Is being a fighter good enough? Or are we expected to come out on top? And what does G-d want from us, exactly, if we can never fully overcome our enemy? This week's lesson dwells on just those questions, the nature of conviction, and what we can do to ma...
The "Average" Jew, Lesson 2
Two souls, locked in combat over one man's destiny. Who are we fighting? What are we fighting for? And what does it mean to win? In this installment, we learn about the constant struggle of the average Jew. Let's begin.
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