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Ritual Purity

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Chana Question: My question is on the subject of cleanness of a mother after the birth of a male or female (Leviticus 12). The woman is unclean for seven days after a male birth, and after the birth of a female the mother is unclean for fourteen days. Why...
Question: Positive Mitzvah 107 states: Impurity of coming in contact with a dead body -- Numbers 19:11: "He that touches the dead body of any man shall be unclean." How do the people who handle the bodies of the dead and see to it that they are buried pro...
Nowadays, there is really no reason why a person would prevent himself from becoming ritually impure. An exception is the male kohen, descendant of Aaron, brother of Moses.
But how about men immersing regularly in a mikvah? There are two primary reasons why, even nowadays, many men immerse.
The Torah contains a complex code of purity laws. Why are Jews not careful about these laws nowadays?
In the morning, we alternate. But for bread, we wash each hand three times consecutively. Why the difference?
Question: It says in the Torah that one should not touch the carcasses of swine. Does this mean that we should not wear Hush Puppy shoes (made of pigskin) or play football or rugby with a ball made of pig skin? Answer: In short, there is no prohibition ag...
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