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Question: I know that I should forgive, but there are so many people that have done me wrong. I just can't let go of that. What should I do? Response: A friend of mine went to use the restroom in a large department store, where a toilet fell off the wall,...
But we don't need to take an "all or nothing" approach. If restoring the relationship is impossible it is not always necessary to terminate all contact or become antagonistic...
How do you know when you have been forgiven? Or does the guilt just go on and on?
That's all forgiveness means: You don't do anything because of your grudge, you don't say anything to express your grudge and you don't even think about why you have a grudge...
How do I know that G‑d has forgiven me? How do I forgive myself?
Question: I know we are to reconcile ourselves to G‑d and our fellows for our transgressions. This is a very basic Jewish teaching. But what about offering forgiveness to those who have wronged us? A not so modern method of spiritual 'health and wellbeing...
About three years ago, my husband was going through a very hard time, and he was very mean to me. After a couple of very rocky years, with me wanting a divorce many times, things seem to have stabilized. My problem is that I just can't get past the past. ...
I had a falling out with a close friend and feel I wasn’t at fault. I’ve been waiting for her to apologize, but she hasn’t. Finally, I am ready to forgive her, but I don’t even have that opportunity. I just want to put this situation behind me . . .
On forgiving a mean deceased parent in Jewish thought
How can one forgive a parent when one is still reeling from the intensity of the hurt and pain he caused?
I am the mother of a murdered daughter who has written a book as a dedication, memoir and hopefully, work of inspiration...With time, I began to feel a sort of forgiveness toward the killer. Not for his horrid crime, but for his flawed humanity. I wanted ...
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