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Bechor (Firstborn Son)

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Plus: A link to a streamed siyium
With most synagogues shuttered and communities in lockdown, how is a firstborn to proceed?
A commentary on the haftarah of Emor
The haftarah for Emor is prophecy from our prophet Ezekiel about the Third Temple. It tells us who will be the Kohanim and describes the laws pertaining to the Kohanim—from how their hair should be cut to whom they could marry. They need to be pillars of ...
The Talmud on Inheritance, Lesson 1
This class presents the Talmudic perspective on principles related to inheritance, including the double-portion of the firstborn, and the types of properties eligible to be passed on to children.
Why is that? Also, does the firstborn always inherit double, or are there some limits to this clause?
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