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Reading the Megillah

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Interactive Megillah Reading Tutor
Use this interactive tool to learn to read the Megillah like a pro!
Due to fears of the coronavirus, I was thinking of staying home . . .
Different megillah reading days for villagers and city dwellers
When the Jewish people as a whole dwelt in the Land of Israel, the reading of the Megillah (the Scroll of Esther) on Purim was not necessarily read on the same day for all Jews. In fact, depending on where one lived, there could be a disparity of up to fo...
Explore the mitzvah to listen to the megillah on Purim
Listen to this recording of the Megillah reading to become familiar with how it’s to be done on Purim.
Additional Guidelines and Insights on Megillah Reading
Listen to this recording of the Megillah reading and learn how it’s to be done on Purim.
The ubiquitous custom of “unfolding” our proverbial Purim scroll, rather than using it in its organic rolled position seems rather odd and unwieldy. The spreading of the scroll is justified by “it's supposed to be a letter.” But what exactly does that mea...
An in-depth exploration of how the mitzvah of Megillah applies to women
If woman are obligated to hear the Megillah, are they permitted to read it for other woman? Or possibly even for other men? A discussion of Jewish law, concluding with a chassidic thought on Purim.
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