Noahide Laws, The Seven

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A philosophical perspective on the inherent sanctity of morality
An exploration of Natural Law in Judaic perspective, looking from Isaiah Berlin, to David Hume, Immanuel Kant, the Sophists, Aristotle and ultimately to Jewish sources, including Philo, Malachi and others..
Reach out to the non-Jewish members of Knesset, as well, by promoting the Seven Noahide Laws which were given to all mankind.
“Bring all Jews under the wings of G-d’s Divine Presence, including the ministers of the Knesset — even the non-Jewish ministers, who are obligated in the Seven Noahide Laws.
By the Grace of G d 6th of Adar, 5742 [March 1, 1982] Brooklyn, N. Y. Mrs. Alene S. Ammond Cherry Hill, N.J. Blessing and Greeting: This is to acknowledge receipt of your letter of Feb. 25th, in which you introduce yourself as a Catholic-Christian, and ou...
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