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Noahide Laws, The Seven

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In this day and age, most of the military is used for helping people around the world, reminiscent of Isaiah’s prophecy about the time of Moshiach.
Tikkun Olam, For Real
What’s needed is an ideology that explains why raising a Jewish family is just as crucial to tikkun olam as your contribution to society at large.
A universal code for mankind
Created in G-d’s Image
Historic time is marked by the restoration of a 200-year-old Torah scroll and a powerful proclamation
To honor the bicentennial of Argentine independence and the Jewish year of Hakhel, more than 70 rabbis representing 40 Chabad-Lubavitch institutions around the nation took part in the Congress of Shluchim and lay leader partners, held in the city of Tucum...
Chabad Rabbi Yosef Greenberg of Alaska emphasizes seven universal laws
Rabbi Yosef Greenberg, co-director of Lubavitch Jewish Center of Alaska in Anchorage, was the first rabbi from his state to address the U.S. Senate by delivering the daily morning prayer invocation last week as an official guest chaplain. His wife, co-dir...
A warm welcome in wintry Wasilla from the entire community
When Rabbi Mendy and Chaya Greenberg moved into their new home on a quiet dirt road in Wasilla, Alaska, one week before the High Holidays, they received a different kind of welcome. A crew of local residents—almost all of them not Jewish—descended upon th...
It is commonly assumed that Adam and Eve were vegetarians. In fact, it wasn’t until after the Great Flood (about 1,600 years after the creation of the world) that G‑d permitted Noah and his children to kill and consume animal life, thereby breaking a long...
Human civilization—the sum total of civilized human behavior—is not keeping pace, and in some very important ways, even regressing.
Abstract: If to be modern is simply to reject the past and capitulate to contemporary consensus, the Rebbe took no part in it. But if to be modern is to entirely emancipate yourself from history, to transcend the flux of fashion and actualize the full pot...
The Noahide Code
Universal Laws for Mankind
In this class we examine the various prohibitions and obligations that stem from the broader Noahide laws against murder, forbidden sexual behavior and theft.
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