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Anim Zemiros

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This is a melody in two sections, expressing the profound longing of the soul for its Creator
20 Menachem Av, 5731 · August 11, 1971
“I shall sing hymns and weave melodies, for my soul longs for You. My soul desires Your shelter, to know all Your mystery.” The Rebbe taught this Niggun on Simchas Torah, 1961.
Musicians Shlomo Nizin and Lev Leibman soulfully play the stirring melody of “Anim Z’miros” on the flute and keyboard.
1. Avinu Malkeinu 2. An'im Zemiros 3. Ki Anu Amecha
Avinu Malkeinu, Our Father our King; An'im Zemiros, I sing songs and melodies I will weave; Ki Anu Amecha, We are Your people and You are our G-d.
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