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Religions & other 'Ism's

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What religion should one choose? Does any other religion fit for the Jew? In this fascinating lecture Rabbi Schochet, a leader in responding to missionaries, disputes their claims.
Judaism & Asceticism
Would you take a sublime and transcendent spiritual being and lock it up? That's what G-d did when He sent your soul to earth. What was He getting at?
The Rabbi and the Scientist
Recently some atheists in academia have launched venomous attacks on religion and belief in G-d. Join us for an up-close examination of religious belief under the critical light of reason.
In this insightful lecture you’ll hear fascinating perspectives on the mysteries of creation and the meaning of revelation. Join us as we try to grasp the unfathomable concealment process of the Divine self-effacement and the contraction the Kabbalists re...
The religion that suggests eating a meat and cheese sandwich is of concern to a universal Divine being, and other interesting facts about Judaism.
Do we believe in the magical powers? Do Ghosts and Goblins really exist? If they do, can their powers be harnessed in a Kosher way?
Is It Permitted to Tour the Vatican and View Its Artwork?
Explore halachic debates on the parameters of idolatry and the status of other religions.
Not Enchantments, Omens, and Magic & Laws Against Idolatry
Many have struggled with the big question of the Jewish response to modernity. Join Rabbi Levi Avtzon for an engaging discussion on the Jew’s approach to the world around us.
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