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Shlomo Rizel

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Shlomo Rizel is a Chabad chassid who works for Radio Kol Hai in Israel and speaks on behalf of charitable organizations.
It was the fall of 2014, what should have been a normal, peaceful October day. Instead, a terrorist rammed his car into a crowd of people. One of them was a girl named Karen Yemima. She was badly hurt in the attack and died a week later. News of her death...
Kfar Chabad scholar brings Rabbi Saadia Gaon’s work to a contemporary audience
Rabbi YomTov Hakohen Guindi was silent for a moment when I mentioned that I was learning Arabic to advance my career as a journalist. Then he said: “If so, come home with me. I have something special to show you.” I went along as a curious reporter hoping...
A Chabad center where Jews arrive in a constant throng, many experiencing their identity for the first time
“I’m melting in this heat; I almost feel like I’m going to pass out,” says Rabbi Yosef Halperin. Jerusalem is in midst of a heat wave. I ask him if he would prefer to talk a different day, but he quickly answers that this is the way it’s going to be for a...
Yinon Cohen lost his feet, but not his determination
When the smoke cleared, it was clear that not a single one of the 24 soldiers present had escaped injury.
Everyone in Kiryat Arba knows Rabbi Viktor Atia and of his tragic loss
For two days, my calls went unanswered. “I’m sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner,” Rabbi Viktor Atia tells me on the third day, “but I was in Vienna, Austria, telling my life story to four different audiences.” Rabbi Viktor Atia, 52, is a Chabad-Lubavit...
An epic musical, mystical search that spanned India, China, Argentina, and Israel
During Yanir Kolinsky’s search for meaning, he never expected that his personal journey to truth and contentment would be so long and winding, taking him through many countries and cultures. In the end, he came full circle, and found what his soul was thi...
Asi is one of a growing number of farmers who let their land lie fallow every seven years in observance of the Shemittah (Sabbatical) year.
The 5,000 Jews left in the country couldn’t get out, even with passports, and needed written permission just to travel from city to city.
Students in Netanya take on mitzvahs in memory of 26-year-old Alon Bakal
A group of students in Netanya, Israel, are working to make sure that the legacy of their friend, Alon Bakal, lives on. Bakal, 26 and a native of Karmiel in the country’s north, was shot and killed in Tel Aviv on New Year’s Day—along with 30-year-old Shim...
How a journalist made a priceless personal discovery
When Israeli journalist Yaakov Maor was sent to Vienna 40 years ago to write about the first stirrings of the newly founded European Economic Union, he couldn’t have guessed that the trip would result in a priceless discovery with deep personal significan...
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