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World To Come, The

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World To Come, The: a) the afterlife; b) the Era of the Resurrection of the Dead
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From what I've read, it seems like we will automatically do the right thing. And without any decisions to make, won't life be pretty boring?
While not all souls have an equal share in Gan Eden; in rare instances, certain souls do not earn any share at all. The "World to Come," however, is different. Every Jewish soul that ever lived will be resurrected.
Maimonides contends that the ultimate reward for our good deeds will be in the spiritual Gan Eden ("Paradise"), to be experienced by souls alone. Nachmanides strongly disagrees...
Judaism's position on cremation touches on some of its most basic and principal beliefs. This article offers a detailed explanation reagrding the origins of this prohibitions, as well as the implications of such an act.
On Shabbat we eat three meals: one on Friday evening, the second after the Shabbat morning prayers on Saturday morning or early afternoon, and the "third meal," called Seudah Shelishit, is a light repast eaten late Shabbat afternoon, often immediately fol...
Question: How can we get stronger from pain? Certainly everything G‑d does is for the good, but when we don't see the good, our natural reaction is to be sad or depressed. In my case, for example, I have been subjected to pain after pain. When I get over ...
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