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Chazarah: (lit. “returning”);The rabbinic prohibition to return a pot to the fire on Shabbat (unless five specific conditions are met).
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Returning a Pot to the Fire on Shabbat
In this class we discuss the laws of cooking on Shabbat related to the rabbinic prohibition of ‘chazarah’—returning a pot to the stove on Shabbat. Only if five conditions are met would it be permissible. Learn some practical applications of these principl...
7:1 The Prohibition of Chazarah As explained above, a hot liquid and a fully cooked solid are not subject to the laws of Bishul, because Ein Bishul Achar Bishul. It would therefore follow that it should be permissible to replace a fully cooked pot of food...
Warming Challah on Shabbat
In this class we look at some practical applications related to the rabbinic injunction of ‘chazarah’—returning a pot to the fire on Shabbat. Learn for example how it would be permitted to warm up a challah on Shabbat or to add hot water to a pot of chole...
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