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I was a little shocked that the weekly Torah portion read in the synagogue on the Sabbath was named after the wicked king, Balak, who schemed to curse the Jews in the desert. Couldn’t a more fitting name be found for this Torah portion?
On one side stood Moses, the greatest prophet of all time. On the other side was Balaam, the far-famed soothsayer. At stake was the most critical question in all creation: Does G‑d care about good and evil?
The portion of Balak tells us how Balaam set out to curse the Jewish people, but instead, he blessed them. He said, "For from their beginning, I see them as mountain peaks and I behold them as hills." Numbers 23:9. The Midrash Midrash Rabbah 20:19, Tanchu...
In this week’s portion, Balak, we read how the wicked Balaam sets out to curse the Jews, but in the end, G‑d has him bless them instead. Balaam goes on to foretell the coming of Moshiach. Why was the prophecy of Moshiach’s coming voiced by a wicked, Jew-h...
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