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Jewish Pride

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A Jew must live boldly. We can either continue seeking acceptance from others, or begin accepting ourselves. To accept oneself is to live boldly. This boldness should not be with anger or with arrogance, but simply standing firmly in the place G-d has set...
Rabbi Jonathan Sacks, former chief rabbi of the British Empire, shares his experiences and vision pertaining to this important issue. (This talk is from the gala dinner of Chabad of Greenwich, Connecticut).
How Chabad helps me celebrate my Judaism openly and globally
Senator Joseph I. Lieberman was the Democratic Party nominee for Vice President in the 2000 election, but his deeply personal relationship with Chabad began in the 1960s, before he started a political career. The Rebbe's vision and emissaries, he says, co...
In the Book of Exodus, G-d calls the Jewish people a “kingdom of priests and a holy nation.” A story in the Talmud demonstrates how we could fulfill this verse and inspire the respect of the nations that surround us.
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