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Alzheimer's Disease; Dementia

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How to celebrate holidays and other events with people with dementia
What are we to do when someone in our family is suffering from dementia and is no longer able to celebrate the Jewish holidays as he or she once did? How can we make sure that Chanukah remains meaningful and enjoyable, as well as safe, for all the family?
I wish life was easier for my mother; that she still had full use of her memory, language and rational faculties. But given the realities, I am also grateful for the opportunity to learn new lessons that my mother’s aging and illnesses present.
It was devastating to watch as the cruelty of the mental illness began to steal his independence and the identity that he had established for himself. What was it that G‑d expected from me as we became engulfed by the darkness that seemed to control our l...
Refusing to Lose my Mother to Alzheimer's
There are moments when she is very happy. She is happy in her spacious rooms, happy for the companionship. She calls me Mother now...
You never really knew what happened to your oldest brother, Chaim. Did he, too, perish in the war? Perhaps he survived and changed his name?
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