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Oral Torah, The

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Two Torahs? Who knew. Well, now you do. That’s right; the five books of Moses came complete with a second oral Torah that’s been passed down from generation to generation. These unwritten laws were not human-made. Rather, they came directly from G-d himse...
Rabbi Steinsaltz discusses the relationship between the Oral and Written Laws. The Oral Law developed as a "manual" for understanding the Written Law. From the time of Moses until the end of the 2nd century CE, these explanations remained oral and adapted...
Scroll Down - Part 3
What is the “Oral Torah”? What role does the rabbinic tradition play vis-à-vis the Bible? The dialectical interplay, sanctioned at Sinai, between the Oral Torah and the Written Torah.
13 Principles of Torah Elucidation - Lesson 1
Why Torah must be comprised of both a Written Law and an accompanying Oral Tradition.
An interactive online discussion in honor of Shavuot
This live class airs Thursday night, May 21st, at 8:00 pm ET This class is presented by and JNET - The Jewish Learning Network In this class we will discuss: • What is the Torah, the Mishna, Gemara and its commentator’s Rashi and Tosfos? • Can ...
The Jews in Exile
Rabbi Judah the Prince (circa 135–219 CE), also known as Rabbeinu Hakadosh, is credited with having compiled statements of earlier sages to form the Mishnah, when the Oral Law was in peril of being forgotten. In this class we also go through Maimonides’ l...
The Six Categories of Torah Law
An overview of six different categories of Jewish law including oral traditions from Moses, laws extrapolated from Scripture, and laws that were later legislated by the Sages.
The first book of the Mishnah: Zera’im (Seeds)
The tractates of this book of the Mishnah explain the detailed laws of agriculture, including kohanic gifts and tithes for the poor. Also treated are the laws of prayer and blessings.
An Introduction to Talmud
This introductory class to Talmud explores the rich history of the Oral Tradition, explains the structure of the Talmud, introduces some of its famed personalities and presents the layout of the Talmud page.
The Desert Mentality, Part 1
There are sections in the Talmud known as Agadata, which relates interesting stories, powerful parables, and coded messages. In this class we look at a truly spectacular tale with Rabba bar bar Chana, where he encounters the generation of the desert.
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