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Tzvi Freeman

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Tzvi Freeman, a senior editor at Chabad.org, is also author of several books, including Wisdom to Heal the Earth. He writes Chabad.org's highly popular Daily Dose of Wisdom. Rabbi Freeman served for five years as mashpia of the West Coast Rabbinic Seminary in Los Angeles, and currently resides in Sandy Springs, Georgia. Subscribe to regular updates of Rabbi Freeman's writing with the Freeman Files subscription.
Just the other day, you did something that will last forever.
Trekking swiftly towards Passover, I’m clinging tight to a bag of insight I grabbed from the forever mysterious celebration of Purim. Two holidays, only a month apart—yet conceptually so distant. Both about redemption. Both about wonder. But while the Pas...
The Rebbe’s gardening paradigm as an antidote to divisiveness and confusion
If I were hurtling down a rabbit-hole and a genie offered me one wish, I would likely request a tour guide. Now tell me that the past ten months haven’t taken us all on a dizzying Ozian spin. Look out the window of your space capsule and you’ll find you’v...
The Megillah of Antiochus
The miracle of Chanukah, is about shining light outward, and to the outside. The original requirements for the Chanukah menorah stipulate that it be lit only once it is dark. And where? “At the door of your house, on the outside.” Why? As the Talmud state...
It's an old debate.
Darkness fades and disappears with time, but the light that shines from a mitzvah can only increase.
The Slippery Slope of Yavan
This is the light of G-d’s wisdom. It’s not there for our use that we can manipulate it and modify it to fit our needs and desires. If we’re able to figure a little bit of it out, well, that’s pretty amazing. But if we can’t, that doesn’t change its truth...
The oingoing battle between two concepts of life
A world of reason, intellect, and knowledge alone is not a sustainable world. Within true wisdom flickers the light of a higher consciousness, an awareness that we are not the end-all of being, that within this reality and within this life breathes the On...
The Paradoxical Effect of Deep Light
These days are so special, their energy can reach down into our everyday world and everyday activities and make even that shine. As King Solomon taught, “In all your ways, know G‑d.”
One thing all the Jewish people agreed upon
The most beautiful of the beautiful way is for every member of each household to light one more candle each night, until there are eight candles for every one of them.
Winning on Enemy Territory
Go out into the dark and make it shine. Let it shine even to those who aren’t looking for it. To those who don’t know they’re missing it.
Know where you need to get. Now take small steps.
Your goal isn’t just to make a big flash of light and then walk away all burnt out. Your goal is to make yourself a shining light and your world an enlightened place.
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