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Prophets (Section of the Tanach)

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And why it matters
“The Torah and the Holy One, blessed be He, are one.”Zohar, quoted in Tanya (Likkutei Amarim, chs. 4 and 23, and Shaar Hayichud Veha’emunah, ch. 1). See Zohar 1:24a, 2:60a, 3:73a. In Judaism, a sefer (pl. seforim) is not just a book containing knowledge, ...
Scroll Down - Part 2
Given the incomparable significance of the Torah, what is the function of prophecy and of the prophetic books, the Neviim (“Prophets”) and Ketuvim (“Hagiographa”), composed after the Torah was given at Sinai? And why did the era of prophecy end?
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