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Yoram Raanan

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Yoram Raanan takes inspiration from living in Israel, where he can fully explore and express his Jewish consciousness. The light, the air, the spirit of the people and the land energize and inspire him. His paintings include modern Jewish expressionism with a wide range of subjects ranging from abstract to landscape, biblical and Judaic.
Why does the Torah cite only the curses and not use the positive language of the blessings?
Peace, compassion, respect, reciprocity, authenticity.How can we integrate these qualities into ourlives?
Vital Answers in Simple Words
Does G-d really care? After all, He doesn’t need anything. He is perfect, and beyond perfect. Nothing can hurt Him. And nothing can be given to Him that He does not already have. Why should He care about anything at all? Perhaps it’s all meaningless. But ...
For the first time in Jewish history, all 12 sons of Jacob are tasked with continuing the legacy of Abraham. Each has a specific quality that will contribute critically to the Jewish story.
If the book of Numbers describes the Jewish journey through the wilderness, surely it must also contain a message pertinent to the journey each and every Jew traverses. Through the journey of life, we too must overcome the challenges of the wilderness in ...
How is it unique, and where do I get some?
Judaism has a body and a soul. The two dance in harmony, in a wondrous union of seeming opposites. The soul finds expression through its embrace of the body, and the body comes alive through its fusion with the soul. We call the body of Judaism halachah. ...
Parshat Vayeitzei begins: "And Jacob went out of Be'er Sheba, and he went to Charan." Genesis 28:10. Keying on the fact that be’er sheba can mean “well of oath” or “well of seven,” the Midrash Bereishit Rabbah chapter 68 par. 7. tells us he left in order ...
On Rosh Hashanah it is customary to eat foods with symbolic importance. According to some, these foods serve as cues to help us focus on the agenda of the day: prayer, repentance and resolution to do good. According to others, the physical act of eating t...
For an informed reading of Joshua 2:1–24
Joshua Sends Spies to Jericho A major part of the portion of Shelach is occupied with the story of the spies sent by Moses to the Land of Israel. Forty years later, now at the threshold of entry into the land, Moses’ successor, Joshua, sends two spies of ...
Marriage at Mount Sinai
If God embraces us with mitzvahs, how does He kiss?
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