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Tzaddik's Blessing

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Question: I was always under the impression that Judaism firmly believed that there are no intermediaries between man and G‑d, and to pray to the deceased is blasphemous and outlawed by the Bible. If so, why is it permissible to ask the Rebbe to intercede...
To everyone, it was an impossible dream. But not for Reb Yekel.
The Rebbetzin understood that her father wanted her to follow his practice of blessing people who sought Divine help.
Moses’ blessings were limited and G-d’s are limitless. Why would Moses bother blessing us?
Living as a downtrodden shell of her former self, Leah's blank eyes reflected the agony that gripped her heart.
Thank you very much for giving me the possibility to bless a Jew. May G-d Almighty bless you to do even better, and have good news. The main thing is that the blessings should be fulfilled. May G-d bless you that you will thank Him at age 120. (Collage)
The businessman was at his wits’ end. For years, he had eked out a living through the small concession that the Polish government had granted him. And now, his license was suddenly revoked, and he had no idea where his next few zlotys would come from.
The Source of Blessings
Blessings can emerge from the strangest of places. We cannot know behind which door lies the blessing that we need in our lives right now... In this lesson we look at the strange phenomenon that we call "blessings." We explore the Talmudic story of the te...
I see that my father-in-law, the Rebbe’s, blessing succeeded. May it continue to succeed for many healthy years.
Life Lessons from Parshat Pekudei
There are numerous references to the concept of blessings in this Torah portion. What is the special power of a blessing?
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