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Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting (2012)

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We just saw what two minutes of utter terror could do. We cannot underestimate what two minutes of goodness will do...
Lessons from the 10th of Tevet
Judaism recognizes not only the end result, but the process. We do not only mourn the actual destruction; we go to the source, we figure out how it began, when it began, and mourn that as well. When the walls were besieged, it might not have seemed that a...
When faced with horrors like the murder of 20 children and 6 adults in Newtown, Connecticut, it’s so easy to despair. Such violence is sickening, all the more so because it is so meaningless. Like people all over the world, when I read about the shooting ...
President’s remarks are called stirring and heartfelt
A call to action from Sandy Hook
We were asked to help because as bereaved parents ourselves, several times over, perhaps we had something more to offer . . .
What it means to be a teacher
Every morning we drop our children off at school hoping their teachers will connect to them, educate them and inspire them. We do not expect them to save their lives . . .
A long period of comfort and counseling will be needed.
A long period of counseling and condolence will be needed.
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