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I have this great new pair of binoculars, and it’s extremely tempting to have a good look into my neighbors’ houses...
What about Google Assistant, Amazon’s Alexa or Apple’s Siri, that are capable of recording conversations taking place around them?
Although text and email are relatively new inventions, the answer to this question takes us back more than a thousand years to the time of Rabbeinu Gershom.
The controversy surrounding former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates’s new memoir
So what does the Torah say about a situation like this? Would a Jew, who is bound by Torah law, be permitted to write a tell-all memoirk?
Discovering Talmudic Principles
This Talmud course will be exploring and analyzing the first chapter of tractate Bava Batra, which focuses on the rights of privacy, the types of properties protected by privacy laws, the duties and requirements of neighbors, and the court procedures for ...
Do I stop my project because of my neighbor’s complaint, or can I finally have my dreamed-of privacy?
If 16-minute-old Shmuli deserves his absolute privacy, how about the other Shmulis of the world—our friends, our children, our neighbors. Are we protecting their privacy at all times?
Our role as Jews is to be an example. The Torah describes us, thousands of years ago, as expressing the virtues of modesty and privacy.
The Nature of Borders
Why do we think that "getting close to someone" means we have to know their every private thought? We're insulted when those we love won't tell us everything. We accuse them of "hiding" from us, and we're hurt.
Here’s what last week’s panic taught me
“You should remove WhatsApp from your phone!” a friend of mine messaged me frantically (on WhatsApp, of course!). “Why?” I asked. “Because they changed their terms and conditions. Now, Mark Zuckerberg can read everything you write,” he replied. “That’s gr...
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