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Resentment; Revenge

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Does the Torah command something that is against human nature?
This class explains the prohibition of revenge (nekamah) and the prohibition of bearing a grudge (netirah). Exploring exactly when and how these prohibitions apply, and how it’s possible to bend one's thoughts in a positive direction and avoid these prohi...
Getting Over Resentment
Learning how to heal from emotional pain from the past is not just about feeling better. It’s about removing the one thing that most blocks us from living our true lives.
Women and Wisdom: Lesson 5
It says that G‑d forgives those who forgive others. What does the Torah teach us about how to get rid of resentments, and start forgiving those who have hurt us?
To forgive and let go of anger and resentment is good for our fellow man, and it’s even better for oneself.
How to Turn Hurt into Happiness
We may be entitled to our anger, but do we really want it? Practical advice for getting out of the resentment rut.
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