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Eli Rubin

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Eli Rubin studied Chassidic literature and Jewish Law at the Rabbinical College of America and at Yeshivot in the UK, the US and Australia. He has been a research writer and editor at since 2011, focusing on the social and intellectual history of Chabad Chassidism. Through his writing, research, and editorial work he has successfully participated in a range of scholarly interchanges and collaborative endeavors.
For nine hours the Rebbe regaled the crowd with a series of inspired talks punctuated by spirited song
His portraits of Chabad rebbes and other Torah giants grace Jewish homes across the world
Elazar Kalman (E.K.) Tiefenbrun, a Chassidic artist whose portraits of famous rabbis grace Jewish homes, community centers and classrooms throughout the world, passed away on Jan. 31 in London. He was 88 years old. He had never set out to be an artist, no...
When a Rebbe Ascends, We Must All Ascend With Him
The Mystical Reconstruction of Society
A reexamination of chapter 32 of Tanya and of the centrality of social questions is Chabad teachings.
The Historic Significance of Yud Tes Kislev
Documents show that the arrest of Chabad's founder in 1798 was part of a broad investigation that threatened to put the spread of the fledgling Chassidic movement to an end. The miracle of his redemption is the everlasting miracle of Chassidism itself, wh...
Rabbi Shalom DovBer Schneersohn’s manifesto against self-righteousness in interpersonal discourse
Introduction: A Teaching to Purify the Air There’s an old joke about a Jew marooned on an island. When finally picked up by a passing ship the rescuers are bemused to find that the otherwise desolate island has no less than three synagogues. The marooned ...
Archival videos contextualize creative readings of Holocaust-era journal
“The life of a tzaddik,” wrote Rabbi Schneur Zalman of Liadi, “is not physical but spiritual,” consisting of “faith, awe and love” of G‑d. Accordingly, the passing of a tzaddik—a righteous person or holy man—from earthly life should correctly be viewed as...
Treading the Path of Redemption, Unveiling the Face of Effacement
This hemshekh is a broad reexamination of the path that leads from the exodus of the Jews from Egypt to the ultimate redemption to be achieved in the messianic future.
Rabbi Shalom DovBer of Lubavitch and the Russian Revolution
In the face of tyranny and upheaval, Judaism’s future always remained the Rebbe's foremost concern.
Don’t let these special days and their messages pass you by!
Don’t let these special days and their messages pass you by!
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