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Pareve (4)
Pareve food can generally be served with either meat or dairy meals. Some kitchens have serving and mixing bowls, pots, and knives used exclusively for pareve food. These are always washed separately from meat and dairy dishes. One should also have separa...
The Kosher Kitchen
Kosher foods are divided into three categories: meat, dairy and pareve. One of the basic principles of kashrut (the laws of kosher) is the total separation of meat and dairy products.
Jewish law does not allow one to cook or consume meat together with milk products. Parve food, however, may be eaten together with both meat and milk.
The prohibition mentioned in the Torah is to mix meat (beef) with milk. This injunction was extended by the Sages to include fowl as its meat can be confused with beef. Eggs do not fall into this category as they cannot be mistaken for meat. Furthermore, ...
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