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Borer (selection)

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Borer (selection): Borer, one of the 39 categories of creative activities prohibited on Shabbat, is the prohibition to separate or sort out two or more types of items which are mixed together
Selecting, the av melachah of borer, is forbidden on Shabbat,Shabbat 73a. and involves sorting (by hand or with a utensil) through a mixture to separate wanted and unwanted items. In most scenarios, it is largely irrelevant whether one separates the mixtu...
The Prohibition of ‘Selecting’ on Shabbat
On Shabbat we abstain from 39 general categories of creative work. In this class we discuss the prohibition of ‘selecting’ on Shabbat. Learn what constitutes the biblical melachah of borer, the underlying principles, and their practical application in con...
The Prohibition of ‘Selecting’ on Shabbat
In this class we discuss the prohibition of ‘selecting’ on Shabbat. Learn various laws of borer and their practical application in everyday situations. For example the borer issues to be careful with when setting the table, or when putting away different ...
It is so easy to want to throw out anything that was ever associated with him. To burn it and leave nothing left. But I can’t. You see, so much of who I am is because of him...
Aside for cooking, there are other food preparation activities one must avoid on Shabbat. Examples: squeezing fruit, selecting, kneading, grinding and mashing, and using electrical appliances
In complex situations, we tend to focus first on the problems and difficulties, and feel that they all have to be dealt with before we can experience the good.
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