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Tractate Bava Metziah

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Tractate Bava Metziah: (literally “the middle gate”) The second Talmudic tractate in the order of Nashim (the section dealing with laws of torts), which discusses civil matters such as property law, interest loans, and obligations in safeguarding entrusted property as well as lost property that was found
A Taste of Talmud
In this class you will gain familiarity with the dense page of Talmud, identifying its various components and their functions. You will then learn the Mishnah, exploring a case study of ownership dispute and its resolution. You will also dissect the natur...
Monetary Litigations, Lesson 1
This Talmud course focuses on fundamental principles related to monetary litigations and the court procedures for adjudicating them. In this first lesson we gain appreciation into the uniquely Talmudic art of dissecting a Mishnah.
Tractate Bava-Metzia
Click here for the original text of the Talmud. Tractate Bava Metzia (the second of the three-part series of Nezikin, which covers interpersonal laws) deals with many civil laws such as the mitzvah to return lost property, how one is to properly safeguard...
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