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Tractate Bava Basra

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Jewish criminal and civil law are discussed in a triad of tractates named Bava Kama (First Gate), Bava Metziah (Middle Gate), and Bava Batra (Final Gate). This class reveals the spiritual dimension of these laws as an illuminating roadmap to self-refineme...
"Nine Days" Siyum
Tractate Bava Batra (the third of the three-part series of Nezikin, which covers interpersonal laws) deals with the rights and responsibilities that accompany property ownership. The last chapter is devoted to the laws and conventions of documents. The co...
Parsha Mishpatim
Tractate Bava Basra concludes with a discussion of which type of guarantor must make an official "kinyan" obligating himself at the time of the loan. In this class, we will analyze a dispute between the Babylonian and Jerusalem Talmuds plus the deeper, sp...
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