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Tractate Beitzah

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Tractate Beitzah: Talmudic tractate that discusses the generic laws that apply to yom tov, Biblical holidays—which greatly differ from the Shabbat laws, as many food-preparation related activities that are forbidden on Shabbat are permitted on yom tov, as well as the more stringent laws of yom tov with regard to muktzeh--items "separated" from a person
Discovering Talmudic Principles
This five-part Talmud series will be exploring and analyzing the second chapter of tractate Beitzah and the third chapter of tractate Pesachim, focusing on the mechanism of the ‘Eruv Tavshilin’—a Rabbinic legal procedure allowing one to cook on the Holida...
12 Av – Wednesday, August 13th
Laws of muktzeh on Yom Tov
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