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Tractate Kesubot

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Tractate Kesubot: The second Talmudic tractate in the Order of Nashim, the section of the Talmud dealing with the laws of Jewish family life. The tractate is named for the marriage contract that states the husband's various obligations to his wife, especially financial compensation due to the wife in the event of the marriage's dissolution through divorce or widowhood. In general, the tractate deals with the various duties that a husband and wife have toward one another from the day of their betrothal
Discovering Talmudic Principles
This three-part Talmud series will analyze the principles related to sentencing; more specifically, to cases where two separate sentences are applicable: should one or more sentences be administered? These principles, known in the Talmud as ‘Kim leh beder...
Discovering Talmudic Principles
This Talmud course will explore and analyze the logical arguments and the court procedures for authenticating testimony and establishing trust in witnesses. More specifically, an in-depth analysis of the logic behind two Talmudic principles that validate ...
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