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Archeology; Anthropology

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Dr Yossi Stepansky recounts the history of two important cities in Israel through fascinating archaeological finds.
Archeologists recently discovered a seal or bulla of King Hezekiah near the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, which dates back to biblical times in the 8th century BCE. The timing of this incredible new discovery appears to have tremendous significance, and is c...
Reality, imagination, and fabrication in the tales archaeologists tell
In the world of ancient archaeology, there are many competeing interests and not everything is always as it seems.
Archaeological studies of ancient scripts from the Western Levant
A few fragments, scattered across centuries of history and different geographic locations, are all that is left of the ancient scripts from which today's Hebrew Alphabet (ketav ashuri) emerged.
Archeology and Halacha
Rabbi and archeologist, Yonatan Adler, tackles a medieval rabbinic debate about the proper arrangement of the parchments within tefillin by comparing these opinions to actual 2,000-year-old phylacteries found in Qumran.
Unraveling the 300 year old mystery of the 'Bodleian bowl'
Tracing the history and possible usage of the 'Bodleian bowl', discovered in a moat in Norfolk, east England in 1696. Examining the meaning of its Hebrew inscription and its connection to the famed Tosafist Rabbi Yechiel of Paris and his son Yosef.
Professor Lawrence Schiffman discusses the Qumran Scrolls
It was probably the worst time to have to deal with ancient manuscripts. In 1947, a Bedouin shepherd tossed a stone into a cave close to the northwest shore of the Dead Sea, in Qumran. Rather than the sound of rock or earth, he heard the sound of breaking...
Few if any archaeological finds in the past century have elicited the interest or controversy that has surrounded the Dead Sea Scrolls.
With teachings, traditions, and narratives stretching back 37 centuries, how do we know they haven't been altered and even unrecognizably disfigured from their original iterations? And, is there any way to be certain that these stories really happened and...
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