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Kilayim: a forbidden mixture; e.g.: the forbidden interbreeding of plant or animal species
The Prohibition of Forbidden Mixtures
Chp. 19 verses 18 - 22: The prohibition of forbidden mixtures; animals, seeds, shatnez (wool and linen), and forbidden sexual relations with gentile maidservant. He brings a ram as a guilt offering to the Temple and his sin is forgiven.
The laws of ''Orlah'' fruit, Kilayim of trees, and Kilayim of cattle
This class explains different kabbalistic insights for the mitzvah of shatnez; the prohibition to wear garments made with both wool and linen.
This week's Torah portion commands the Kohanim (priests) about their attire to be worn while serving in the tabernacle and temple. The belt that they wore was made of wool and linen. Is this not violating the prohibition of Shatnez, the mixing of wool and...
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