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Kilayim: a forbidden mixture; e.g.: the forbidden interbreeding of plant or animal species
A Jewish view on synthetic biology
Does Torah allow or prohibit genetic engineering? What are the sources in Torah to argue either way?
Practical Parshah—Tetzaveh
The priestly garments were allowed to contain an admixture of wool and linen that is normally forbidden. Why is this? And why is it normally prohibited?
Mixing Wool and Linen
Shatnez is the prohibition of wearing garments mixed with wool and linen. Join us as we take an up-close look at how to check materials to ensure they’re free of shatnez.
19 Elul, 5750 • September 9, 1990
Blessings in your work to ensure that garments in Israel are Shatnez-free. But may we soon merit to use Shatnez properly in the third Holy Temple. A double portion of blessing for everything in the Land of Israel.
Torah commands a Jew not to wear Shaatnez – wool and linen woven together. What is the inner meaning of this Mitzvah?
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