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Kilayim: a forbidden mixture; e.g.: the forbidden interbreeding of plant or animal species
The Torah Prohibition Against Mixing Seeds or Species
The Torah forbids combining certain species of animals and plants in specific ways.
Through following these halachic guidelines, we make our gardens not only physically beautiful but spiritually delightful as well.
On the personal, cosmic and spiritual significance of the Torah's kilayim (anti-hybridization) laws
Because these two opposite aspects became joined together, no benefit came to the world.
Because these two opposite aspects became joined together, no benefit came to the world.
I heard that G‑d does not want us to create hybrid fruit. So my question is, if G‑d is not happy with this fruit, should I make a blessing before eating it?
Question: Why aren't Jews allowed to interbreed plants? Why aren't we allowed to grow fruits like clementines or tangerines? Answer: First of all, it's important to realize that we can't understand the full reason for any commandment. There are different ...
Question: In recent years, genetic engineers have been splicing genes from one species to another species for the benefits of producing hardier crops. The Torah forbids sowing one type of seed with another in one's vineyard and grafting one type of tree w...
Isn’t marriage between man and woman a violation of the laws of kilayim, which prohibit the intermixing of divergent species?
Women Learn Sefer HaMitzvot
The Prohibition of Forbidden Mixtures
Chp. 19 verses 18 - 22: The prohibition of forbidden mixtures; animals, seeds, shatnez (wool and linen), and forbidden sexual relations with gentile maidservant. He brings a ram as a guilt offering to the Temple and his sin is forgiven.
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