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Baruch Dayan HaEmet

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Baruch Dayan HaEmet: (lit. "Blessed is [the] True Judge") Phrase recited upon receiving bad tidings, especially news of a person's passing.
What is “Baruch dayan ha'emet”
While there are many things about the Jewish funeral service I could inquire about, I am curious about one thing in particular. Everyone was saying to each other, “Baruch dayan emet,” “Blessed is the True Judge.” I found that it was almost like a greeting...
Bonding with G-d Through Tragedy
Are the darkest moments of our lives really G-d communicating with us on a higher level? The traditional prayer of mourning -- "Baruch Dayan Emet" -- holds the answer.
Immediate issues and concerns following a death
Immediately following the moment of death, G-d forbid, a series of practical and religious issues take effect. The key principles of all of them are: a) respect for the dignity and holiness of the body, the vessel for the soul and self of the departed; b)...
The words were said without accusation, without bitterness, without defeat. It was the simplest yet most profound acceptance: "Blessed are You, G-d, the True Judge"
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