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Airplanes & Air Travel

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When People are in Power
Almost every human being is in a position of power and control. From bosses and security agents, to parents, teachers and even to drivers of vehicles, everyone yields some form of power. Power, though, is not there in order to demean others by being rude,...
Check luggage: $50. Want three more inches of legroom: $28. Now one airline even wants to charge for carry-ons, and has increased passenger loads by installing non-reclining seats!
A federal appeals court has overturned a Passenger Bill of Rights enacted by the New York legislature. What are the implications for our spiritual "Passenger Bill of Rights"?
Episode XX: Hang Gliding
Fly high, but know where you’re going to land.
The wings quiver as they pass through the thick clouds, the world fast approaching, tires screeching on landing, the engines thrusting backwards as the plane races forward...
Keep your seat belt fastened until the pilot has turned off the 'Fasten Seat Belt' sign. Collect your personal items. And thank you for choosing This Airline (or did This Airline choose you?) for the journey of a lifetime
The center is not our creation, but the circle is. The paradox today is this: one cannot create a circle without a firm center, yet the center is invisible until we create our circle
You can just see it written on their faces as they purposefully wheel suitcases down the terminal . . .
It is impossible to achieve true upward movement without some kind of opposition. Just as air pressure creates a stronger upward movement than that which could be obtained by flotation, so too, for a person to transcend the materialism of the world and ac...
In 1977, while training in the United States together with a group of fellow IAF pilots, Mr. Herzl Makov visited the Rebbe.
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