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When academic and artist, Mel Alexenberg, was considering giving up his position at New York’s Columbia University and relocating to Israel, he and his wife were looking to do something out of the box. As it turned out, the Rebbe had just the idea. (1977)
Poetry of Yehoshua November
The poet writes about his experiences in graduate school.
Rabbi Laibl Wolf recalls being sent by the Rebbe to run a Chabad House at the University of Madison, Wisconsin. In the weeks before Passover, wanting to grab the attention of the students, he put an advertisement in the local student newspaper. As with al...
Why you should really get involved
A university student explains how her Chabad involvement began and impacted her life. (A short talk at the Jewish Women’s Retreat in Toronto in 2015)
We must defend Israel from the world’s lies
Israel’s ambassador to the United States, Ron Dermer, addresses college students at Lubavitch House at University of Pennsylvania on the need to actively defend Israel against all the lies and attacks.
An Interview with Dr. Tzevi Mazeh
Renowned astronomer and astrophysicist, Professor Tzevi Mazeh, is interviewed at the Oxford Chabad Society by its co-director, Freidy Brackman.
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